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Our Mission

We seek to help companies be better than they've ever been. The world is changing rapidly and companies are seeing new, never-before-seen challenges arise faster than ever. Unfortunately, amidst the chaos managers are starting use tools and rules of thumb designed for specific situations for these new challenges. Unfortunately, many of these tools are the wrong tools for the job and are not effective at all, creating undue pressures on their organizations.


We solve this problem by leveraging true wisdom from Biblical principles, cutting edge research, and first principles to achieve our goals. By staying in touch with the current state of innovation across multiple fields, we apply techniques that more closely match the challenges at hand. 

Our team


Billy Barron

Founder & President

Billy is an innovator, engineer, and marketing professional. He has led development of over 30 new products leading to millions of new revenue for his companies. 

Billy has a passion for clean water and sustainable energy. He enjoys helping companies innovate to become better than they've ever benn. 


  • Masters of Finance
    Harvard University - Extension School

  • B.S. in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
    Georgia Institute of Technology


  • Certified ANA Marketing Professional
    Association of National Advertisers

  • Project Management Professional
    Project Management Institute

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